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March 28 2013

Is seo as effective as it was in the past and is it worth doing seo anymore?

Can someone tell me if i should seek help from a seo specialist or not. I'm skeptical because I hear alot of things about seo some good some bad and don't really know what direction to take is there any seo specialist that can help to decide perhaps?
Tags: SEO

March 27 2013

What do you like doing when things get really boring for you?

What do you like to do when your bored.
Tags: Random

March 20 2013

Answered: How do you sign up for Twitter

Err you just go to twitter and sign up.....
Tags: Internet

March 19 2013

Answered: What's the best game you've ever played?

Honestly, Farcry 3 was the best game ive ever played..it has everything you want in a game
Tags: Gaming

March 17 2013

Answered: Is Ebay or Amazon better for buying books?

Most definetly Amazon 110% Amazon in my opinion!
Tags: Internet

Answered: Is bottled water really better then tap water?

Umm bottled water is filtered tap water is not plus tap water contain all kinds of chemicals in it. I personally drink bottled water which I find helps me to sleep better.

If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you would buy?

What's the first thing you would buy if you won the lotto
Tags: Random

What do you like to do as a pass time?

What do you like doing to pass time?
Tags: Random

What kind of car do you drive?

What is your current car?
Tags: Random

March 15 2013

Is it ok to breed a Boxer with a Pit Ball Terrier

Do you think that it is ok to cross breed these types of dogs a Boxer and a Pit Ball Terrier.
Tags: Pet

Hormones during pregnancy

WHy do women's hormones go wild during pregnancy and what can someone do to help them?

Answered: What major change was made to the bank of England in 1946?

Wasn't the bank of England Nationalised in 1946? Can't think of any other major changes that happened then.
Tags: Quiz

Are there any good learning websites for young toddlers?

I want an interactive learning website with a mixture of topics ie alphabets, words, numbers for a toddler who is just beginning to learn new words.
Tags: Society

What's your favourite funny film of all time?

What funny film is your favourite...
Tags: Fun

Where did the expression 'and pigs can fly' come from?!

Bit of a random question but always wondered this!
Tags: Random

Is bottled water really better then tap water?

Is bottled water really better then drinking tap water? Doesn't all the water just come from the same place? Can someone refer me to some resources and give me some information about bottled water vs tap water?
Thanks in advance.

What PHP coder is good to use for programming?

What PHP coder is good to use for programming I want to create a dating site thanks.
Tags: Programming

Why does Chocolate taste so good?

Why is Chocolate so nice and tasty.
Tags: Random

March 09 2013

Answered: What was Elvis Presley's first number 1 record?

Heartbreak Hotel! Wow that was way back in time.
Tags: Quiz
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